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Farmers Fridge

Safety at Farmer’s Fridge

Food and employee safety is the cornerstone of our business, both now and everyday. For years, we’ve employed a full-time food safety team of 15 people who are dedicated to maintaining our extremely high quality standards.

Our stringent everyday safety standards have never been so important. Here are a few of the things you can always count on from Farmer’s Fridge:

  • Food is produced in a FDA/USDA-regulated facility and surpasses all requirements for good manufacturing standards.

  • Our production facility is regularly inspected by an external food safety company (Siliker, owned by Mérieux NutriSciences) and has consistently passed with extremely high scores.

  • Strict sanitation practices (including washing down the entire facility from floor to ceiling with a pressure hose every day) and protective gear for employees including full hair and face coverings, smocks to cover clothing and disposable protective gloves.

In light of COVID-19 and to support our new delivery program, we’ve added the following precautions to our production:

  • New procedures to protect production workers

    • Limiting employees in the facility to only essential personnel

    • Monitoring the temperature of anyone who enters the facility

    • Increasing our vigilant everyday sanitization of the entire facility every hour (including cleaning spaces not associated with food production such as time clocks, walkie talkies, etc)

    • Reorganizing the way production is run so employees never need to be closer than 6 ft to one another

    • Spacing out breaks and doubling size of the break room area

  • New procedures to protect delivery drivers

    • Driver start time is now staggered to avoid congregation

    • Drivers no longer enter the facility – their truck is loaded with the keys in it when they arrive for their shift

    • Drivers are clocking in and out on their phone to avoid touching a time clock

    • Gloves and face masks are worn throughout the delivery and changed after each stop. Hand sanitizer is required between each stop

    • If entering a healthcare facility, drivers wear smocks over their clothing, shoe covers, face mask, hair covers, and reusable gloves. All personal protective equipment is disposed of after each stop

    • Truck is sanitized after each shift