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Eat happier.

We make wholesome, delicious food simply accessible, so people can live a little happier.

A table filled with Farmer's Fridge products

Our Story

We have a hunch—let’s call it a gut feeling—that happiness starts in your stomach. That’s why we’ve set out to remove the roadblocks to eating wholesome, delicious food. Our automated smart Fridges put chef-curated meals and snacks in your hands, in seconds. And to ensure you’re getting the very best, we’re dedicated to packing our jars full of quality ingredients and delivering meals fresh to Fridges.

Somehow, a Fridge full of tasty finds just seems to be there when you’re craving it most. Even better? Unpurchased food is regularly donated to community members in need. Our jars may be little, but we hope all the goodness we put in them gives you a big smile.

Farm to table to Fridge diagram

Our Ethos


People are our North Star. We aim to treat our partners, employees, vendors customers, and the world we live in with respect in everything we do. What connects us all is, of course, a shared passion for nourishing people with food that makes us proud.


In a sea of “natural foods,” we are committed to giving you real. The hard way. No shortcuts. That means handmade meals and snacks, using local partners and seasonal ingredients whenever possible, delivered fresh - all with our chefs’ tasty touch.


Eating good, quality food shouldn’t be hard. If you’re hungry, no matter the time or place, we’re working to have a Fridge near you. We embrace the unpredictability of a human day and the paradox of finding wholesome food where you used to turn for processed pick-me-ups.


Our mission is to play a part in changing our food system for the better. Jar by jar, conversation by conversation, our company and every one of you is helping to change the way we eat.

Three jars next to eachother

Our Food

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. We’ve got you covered.