• Where is your food made?

    We make our food by hand in our kitchen in the Fulton Market district.

  • How often do you fill your fridges?

    We stock our fridges with fresh meals, snacks, and proteins every morning. Unsold items are donated to area food pantries through our partners at zero percent, a food rescue organization.

  • Are the ingredients organic and local?

    We source all of our ingredients from carefully vetted sources and we use organic/local ingredients when possible.

  • How do Greens work?

    Enter the phone number registered with this app when you check out at the Fridge in order to accrue Greens. Earn 1 Green for every $2 you spend. 50 Greens earn you one jar ($9 code). Codes are valid for up to 1 year and cannot be combined with any other offer codes. Codes are one time use only. Unused portions of credits do not carry over. See My Fridge Rewards Terms for more details.

  • How do I know your food is safe to eat?

    All of our products are made fresh in our kitchen and delivered Monday through Friday via temperature-regulated vehicles to our temperature-regulated Fridges. Our meals and snacks stay in our Fridges from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the shelf life of the specific menu item and its ingredients. Fridges are not restocked on Saturday or Sunday.

  • How does the Farmer’s Fridge team uphold ethical standards?

    All unsold items that are still fresh are donated to area food pantries. Our food scraps and salads that cannot be donated due to expiration are composted. In addition, our jar packaging, napkins, and utensils are BPA free and recyclable and we provide on-site jar recycling at our Fridges. Finally, our Fridges run on approximately $25 of electricity per month, far less than the energy consumption at most fast food chain locations.

  • What is the Jar­ Du­ Jour?

    It’s the Jar of the Day, or rather the Jar of the Season! We create these salads based on seasonal flavors and ingredients and rotate the selection every 3 months.

  • Can I get a machine in my building?

    Let’s talk! Send a note to info@farmersfridge.com and we’ll get back to you soon.